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The DLBT is a project initiated by the Dutch studies department of the University of Vienna. It has been established in cooperation with the Vienna University Library and the Vienna University Computer Center.

The idea to create a digital library and bibliography for literature in translation has emerged from research projects of the department of Dutch studies and its DCC partners.

Printed bibliographies and online databases for literature in translation are mostly limited to primary texts, making it a hassle to search, access and research the rich context of reception through secondary sources. The DLBT offers an innovative centralised system that combines a collection of digitally available secondary sources with a digital library of primary (translated) literature. At the same time, it provides bibliographic metadata, as well as additional links and tools for visualisation and statistical overview.

When comparing the DLBT to other databases and online bibliographies, two innovative features deserve to be mentioned:

The combination of translated primary texts and their reception documents, which enlarges the scope of available and accessible documents from texts to other media, enabling researchers to trace the different adaptation processes.

A feature allowing for the visualisation of the relationships between source texts and their different translations and adaptations. Through these visualisations, it is possible to represent the process of cultural transfer, which is essential to the phenomenon of literature in translation. Those features are an asset to scholars working within the field of digital humanities.

DLBT opens up new possibilities and perspectives for future research on national literatures in an international context.

The digital infrastructure of the DLBT is an ecosystem which links a bibliographic information system, a repository and a web-based information and research tool. It consists of three components:


    DLBT - Bibliography/Metadata library (DB)

    DLBT Portal/Website (TYPO 3)

As a long-term repository, the DLBT uses Phaidra, the Permanent Hosting, Archiving and Indexing of Digital Resources and Assets System of the University of Vienna (registered in Phaidra is a comprehensive university digital asset management system for the long-term securing of digital properties.

The system for the administration of the metadata has been established as an add-on to Phaidra. In 2015/2016 the Vienna University Library developed a database based on Refbase for collecting the DLBT metadata in cooperation with the Vienna University Computer Center. For the DLBT, Refbase has been adapted and expanded with special tools for the digital libraries and bibliographies.


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Project lead – Prof. Herbert Van Uffelen 
Coordination, online redaction – Daria Wilke

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